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These Titanium retainers are 40% lighter than steel retainers. This means
your engine will rev up quicker an be more likely to reach maximum RPM
potential. These high strength retainers that can shave a few precious
grams off the end of the valve, spring, which is enough to add a few
hundred RPM (300 to 500 RPM) of safety margin, before the valves float.
The reduced weight means less extra heat generated by the spring and
puts less toll on the spring and rocker arms.
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Comp Cams steel retainer for a 1.437- to 1.500- inch diameter spring
weighs in at a hefty 34 grams while our Titanium retainer measures at a
flyweight 7 grams. That makes the steel retainer almost five times the mass
of our Titanium retainers. Available in 7 and 10 degree. Packages of 16.

7 degree retainer                 Spring diameter                Price
Part #
1.250T                                  1.250  11/32                    $105.99
11/32T                                1.437-1.550 11/32             $105.99

10 degree retainer              Spring diameter                 Price
Part #                               
10-1.437T                           1.437                                 $115.99
10-1.550T                        1.550/1.625 Dual                  $115.99
10-1.625T                           1.625 Triple                       $125.99
Chrome Moly Steel Retainers
Our steel retainers are precision machined from chrome moly finished in
black oxide. These precision retainers are specifically designed for
superior strength and durability. Available in 7 and 10 degree. Packages of

7 Degree Retainers                Spring Diameter                Price
Part #            
7-1.250                                    1.250                                $50.99
7-11/32                                 1.437/1.550                         $55.99
7-3/8                                     1.437/1.550                         $55.99

10 Degree Retainers             Spring Diameter                  Price
Part #
10-1.437                                 1.437                                  $59.99
10-1.5500                            1.550/1.625 Dual                   $59.99
10-1.625                                  1.625 Triple                       $69.99
Solid Roller Lifters
Vertical Bar
Easy drop in design with no machine work to the block required. Precision
made for strength and durability. Manufactured 100% in the USA.
(SB=small block,  BB=big block)

Part #                          Price                   Part #                       Price
Chevy SB                   $260.99               Chevy BB                $290.99
Chevy SB +.300         $290.99               Chevy BB +.300      $325.99
Chrysler SB                $399.99               Chrysler BB             $399.99
Ford SB                      $290.99               Ford 429-460           $290.99
Pontiac/ Olds              $310.99           
Horizontal Bar
Light- weight pop-up design lifter makes cam changes possible without
removing the intake manifold. Easy drop in design, no machine work to
block required. Manufactured from heat treated steel and precision ground.

Part #                                    Price
Chevy SB TCH                      $255.99
Chevy BB TBH                      $255.99