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This is what separates premium parts makers from average parts
makers. Some econo parts may have fairly good paper specs, but the
cleanliness of the parent material used to make them, machining
accuracy and heat treating is not up to the best of the made in
America components. Most premium parts are made only from pure
base alloys free from contaminates manufactured with tight
machining tolerances to prevent occlusions, tool marks and stress
risers that may cause cracks and fatigue failures. Then the parts must
be heat treated after forming, a critical process that makes or breaks
(literally) the finished product in terms of ductility, hardness,
strength and fatigue resistance. Heat treating is akin to voodoo and
the leading outfits hold their proprietary methods closer to their vest
than a Nevada card shark. All this stuff- good materials, complex
tooling, high quality standards and complex heat treating cost
bucks, which is why the really high end stuff is sometimes called
unobtanium. As is the case with military aircraft, high end
automotive technology has progressed to the point that designing
and making a part or system able to deliver the performance it needs
to survive and do the job is no longer an issue; the problem is being
able to afford the solution.