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If you've decided that a spacer might be a cost effective addition to your
engine and you have adequate hood clearance to install one, an important
decision still remains: What type of spacer design to use. Here at, Watts
Shop, we have the answer. Watts Shop has designed a thin plate and four
individual tubes that extend into the plenum that are CNC machined to the
plate, each matching one of the throttle bores. This spacer can isolate the
carburetor from the plenum turbulence; but since the tubes extend into the
plenum rather than above it, this design does not increase manifold/
plenum volume (or, for that matter, reduce hood clearance). This spacer is
often used on high-rise, single plane manifolds that already have large,
unrestrictive plenum areas. This spacer seems to offer some mid-range
boost when a carburetor and manifold combination are primarily designed
for very high engine speeds. The plate/tube spacer is particularly effective
at counteracting fuel standoff. The Watts Shop plate/tube spacer in
conjunction with a one inch spacer on a dual plane or single plane intake,
have yielded great results. The results include better throttle response,
better fuel atomization, maintains intake velocity and more upper low-end
to high end horsepower and torque. Great for street,drag and circle track
applications. E-mail or call for your custom Watts Shop Spacer.
Carburetor spacers affect the speed of the air and fuel into the intake manifold.
The "Turtle" takes this idea one step further, The "Turtle" is designed specifically
for an individual intake manifold. "Turtles" are cast aluminum manifold inserts
designed by Jean Dittmer. These inserts fit in the bottom of an intake manifold to
direct the flow of air/fuel mixture into the runners. That "Turtle" takes up the space
(or void) at the bottom (or floor) of the intake. This is the area of stagnet air, where
fuel falls out and pools. Due to the better fuel atomization, your carburetor may
require leaner jets. Spark plug readings should be taken. This increases
horsepower, torque and driveability. Applications include Gasoline and Alcohol,
Two and Four barrel engines. Watts Shop has yielded very good results in street
and race engines. We have achieved great results with a Watts Shop Custom
Spacer and "Turtle" combinations, tuning required. E-mail or call for price and
Chevy SB "TURTLE" for a Victor Jr Intake
Custom turtle built for Don Lee. For his Edelbrock 454-R Victor
intake with a 4500 dominator carb flange.