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Custom Grind Camshafts       
Think of your camshaft as the brains of your racing and street engine controlling
the critical opening and closing of the valves - the single most important factor
for creating race winning horsepower and torque. However, getting the right
camshaft design and related components of your unique combination can be a
challenge. We have the solution !! Watts Shop Performance, offers the largest
selection of drag race and street specific camshafts of custom grind service that
will put you out in front of the competition. Knowing that an off - the - shelf
camshaft may not fit your specific requirements, our experienced technician can
assist you in designing the optimum valve train package for your race or street
engine application. Buying the wrong cam can cost as much if not more than the
right one and produce 30 to 50 HP less. Fortunately there is now a way to
absolutely guarantee buying the best cam at the best price by just making one
phone call. We can, from the valve sizes, or better yet the cylinder head flow
figures and other relevant engine spec data, compute the cam timing required
for maximum power. Using our service will produce results equivalent to
spending whatever time is required on the dyno with however many cams it
takes to get it right. Just e-mail or call for your custom grind camshaft.