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We offer a full line of transmissions from street, street/strip, super street/strip, to full competition
transmissions and hard to find transmission parts.
Street Transmissions
Our street transmissions are blue printed and remanufactured with all new bands, frictions (clutches
and steels), roller clutches, bushings and thrust washers. A recalibrated valve body with new
performance separator plate helps tame up to 400 horsepower with little effort and provides firm
shifts. A reworked front pump with quality seals and gaskets ensures a reliable transmission that
runs smoothly for a long time. Perfect for mild daily driver or a street rod, with no harsh shifts in the
vehicle and remains fully automatic. Retains the stock shift pattern.
Street/Strip Transmissions
Our street/strip transmissions contains racing components which increase strength reliability and
torque capacity. All street/strip transmissions also feature manual/automatic valve body or separator
plate which allows you to select precise manual shifting or full automatic. In either mode, you get a
racetrack shifts that bangs through the gears and shave time off your ET's. When you use the
manual gear selection feature, it up shifts and down shifts right when you move the lever, with no lag
or governor override. When you select the normal drive position, the transmission retains positive,
automatic shifts for the ease of driving. These transmissions are for vehicles up to 450 to 500
horsepower natural aspirated.
Our transmissions feature special clutches and steels and band(s), an improved lubrication system,
new sprags/roller clutches, increased thrust capacity, higher line pressure for extra firm shifts and
greater torque capacity with less slippage, as well as being blueprinted and fully inspected.
Super Street/Strip Transmissions
Our Super Street/Strip Transmissions are for everybody that is looking for something more than out
Street/Strip Transmission, but not a full competition series Transmission. It's intended for a naturally
aspirated vehicles powered by engines producing up to 600 to 650 horsepower.
Full Competition Transmissions
Our Full Competition Transmissions are designed to full fill the need of a competition only vehicle.
From drag racing to oval track, these manual valve body transmissions have proven to be
competitive. These manual valve body transmission featured performance high gear clutches and
bands. NO Automatic features, 2nd and 3rd quick shifts, heavy duty planetaries, special heat treated
sprag and sprag races, improved lubrication system, more torque and increased thrust capacity,
blueprinted and fully inspected. Some of our Competition Transmissions have reversed shift patterns.
Transmission Options
Bell housing removal for aftermarket bell housing
Billet servos
Low gear planetaries
Transmission Parts
Shift Kits
Reprograming Kits
Hard Parts
Hard to find parts
SFI Flexplates
SFI Bell Housings for automatics
High Performance Sprags/Drums and Bands
Low Gear Planetaries for TH-400
Longer Bell Housing locating Dowels
C4 planetary and High Performance servo
Heavy Duty Servo Kits for 700R4/4L60E - 2nd and 4th
Front Pumps for automatics
Clutchs and Steels with Filter and Band(s) Kits
Flexplate Shims for Rear Motor Plate Cars and Trucks
Bell Housing to Block Bolts
Convertor Bolts