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Texas Motor Speedway
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The Texas Motor Speedway , Drag -N - Brag is a legal street
race event held on pit row at NASCAR Famous TMS track. It's
an arm drop event that is run on bare concrete. That means
TRACTION IS VERY LIMITED. There is no track glue laid
down. 2009 was the pilot year for this event. It runs every
Friday night for 6 weeks, starting in July. There are 5 classes,
2 import classes, 1 all wheel drive class and 2 domestic
classes. NO RACE CARS ALLOWED. WSP ran in the fast
class, DOMESTIC OUTLAW. Domestic Outlaw is any street
legal car with any motor, with any power added (includes twin
turbos or multi stages of nos), with a 10.5 wide tire, NO
WIDER. Slicks are allowed. Also no frame modifications (no
mini or full tubs), no 4 links or ladders bars. Must have stock
style suspension, in stock location.
The event is braodcasted on a live radio braodcast from the
station 105.1 FM "The Ticket"
This event is a drivers event, plus you better be on your
game on how to tune your vehicle. Tire and suspension
tuning is the key. We had friends of WSP competing with us
in the same class and a lower class. We helped them set up
their cars for the bare concrete. A friend of WSP ( Jason with
his 85 mustang) was leaving on the bottle and a trans brake.
He hooked every time.