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    SAC and LIFT
Injectors and Nozzles
The top left photo is the injector tore apart. Be careful not to lose any of these tiny parts,
there is also shims in the injector body. The shims are what sets the pop pressure. The top
middle photo is the new nozzle and pintle. The top right photo is the new nozzle and pintle
installed on the old injector body. With the old nozzle and pintle next to the new built
In the middle photo is two different nozzle tips. The nozzle on the left is a SAC nozzle and
the one on the right is a VCO nozzle. The photo on the left is the SAC nozzle and the SAC
pintle. The tip of the pintle is 3 different angles ground on the tip of the pintle. The photo on
the right is a VCO nozzle and VCO pintle. The pintle has only one angle ground onto the
Micro blind Hole SAC
Cylindrical Blind Hole SAC
Same nozzles, showing the difference in pintle design
Lift comes from removing material from the top of the pintle. The pintle on the left has .015
of an inch more left than the pintle on the right. This allows the pintle to lift up farther off the
seat of the nozzle tip.
Nozzle spray pattern
SAC or VCO Injectors