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F150 EcoBoost
The fastest F150 EcoBoost Truck record was held by TurboPete out of Miami, Florida. His
record has stood since Nov. 1, 2012. TurboPete ran 12.71 ET @ 109.1 in the 1/4 mile and a
8.212 ET @ 87.04 in the 1/8 mile. He was using a small shot of nitrous.

We had customer come to us and asked us if we could help him break TurboPete's record.
The customer requested that we do it with all stock parts. We worked with the customer to
make this happen. We started with a Livernois custom tune and added a MAK catless y-pipe.
Then we added a complete AFE cold air intake system and added cut out at the y-pipe. We
left the stock intercooler in place at the request of the customer. The final mod was a stand
alone fuel system (E85 setup) and a small nitrous system. We dynoed the truck with a small
tune from Livernois and a small shot of nitrous (75 HP). The truck made 560 HP and 720 lb
torque on the small shot of nitrous at the wheels. The temperature the day of the dyno was
near 100 degrees.

On September 8, 2013 the customer then went to Texas Raceway in Kennadale, Texas (1/8
mile track) to make so test passes. The truck on motor ran in the mid 8's. Then he made some
test passes on the bottle. With a 75 HP shot of nitrous, the truck was cutting 1.7xx to 1.65
(best) 60ft. Best pass it ran a 7.58 ET @ 89.29 mph and the worst pass was a 7.81 @ 88.26

Then we went took the truck to the 1/4 mile and it ran an 11.89 @ 112.69. Then we got a new
tune from Livernois that help keep the boost up, instead of it dropping boost. Then we took the
truck to Northstar Dragway in Denton, Texas on a Thursday night September 26, 2013. The
event that night was a RiceKiller.com night. Rice Killer had a diesel truck there that night from
Thialand and us tring to break our own record. The frist pass of the night for the F150
EcoBoost was going to be an all motor pass. The truck ran a 1.800 60ft, 5.341 330ft and
8.198 ET @ 86.42 mph, on motor. We had a problem with the tune from Livernois. The
transmission wasn't shifting right, so we didn't make a bottle pass. We are confident that the
truck will run a low 7 in the 1/8.  

Now the customer has changed his plans on the truck. We are now installing a custom built
intercooler, a custom built aluminum intake manifold, ported heads, ported exhaust manifolds
or custom header, bigger turbos, billet rods and forged pistons, redoing the nitrous system to
a custom built system, upgrading the fuel system, a custom C & D Specialist torque convertor
and adding Assassin Traction Bars. With all these upgrades and mods, the costumer wants to
be the first in the 10's in the 1/4 mile and the first in the 6's in the 1/8 mile.
The first in the 7's in the 1/8 mile
The first in the 11's in the 1/4 mile
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