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Doug's '05 Ford 6 Liter PowerStroke
Doug's truck is lowered with a set of custom set of Assassin Bars. The
Assassin Bars have been designed to help push the front end down to
help frontend traction and the front wheels from hopping. Plus, it pushes
the rear wheels down. Stopping wheel hop and wheel spin. Doug's truck
has a custom Fuel system. The fuel system is Fuel lab fuel pump with
-10AN lines to a Y block with -6AN lines and Fittings in the front of the
heads. It has -6AN fittings and lines coming out of the back of the heads
to an areomotive regulator and -6AN line to the tank. The pick up in the
tank is a -10AN draw straw. The turbo is a XXmm powermaxx turbo with
larger cold side pipes and aftermarket intercooler. There is a Banks intake
horn with a Nitrous plumber into it. The Nitrous system is a custom set up
we built Doug. The single stage is good up too 350 hp Shot of nitrous.
The heads are studded with H-11 studs. The programmer is an SCT with
custom tunes along with CAN tunes. The exhuast is 4 inch straight back
to a single 7 inch stack.
The new mods we are doing to Doug's truck are a custom sheet metal
intake manifold. The sheet metal intake will have a custom nitrous fogger
system plumbed into it. We are also doing a set of ported heads and
putting in bigger injectors. The truck will be getting a set of headers with a
T4 turbo flange and a bigger turbo. We are removing the two piece
driveshaft and replacing it with a one piece shaft. That means removing
the mounting plate on the rearend and replacing the bolted on yoke on the
transfercase to a slip yoke. We are putting a locker in the rearend also.
The tranny is getting an up grade, with Red Eagle clutches. Doug already
has a good convertor. Also removing the factory fan and replacing it with
dual electric fans.
Doug's truck runs 8.0's to 8.2's in the 1/8 mile with no nitrous. We have not
dyno the truck with the nitrous, but on motor its a solid 550 RWHP plus.