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Assassin Traction Bars
These Assassin Traction Bars great for stopping wheel hop and axle wrap. They are
designed for racing, this type of traction devise is not a good choice for sled pulling.
How the Assassin Traction Bars works, is when the rear axle starts to rotate (pushing
the pinion upward). It pushes the lower bar forward, pushing on the canter leveler. The
canter leveler inturn pushes upward on the front spring eye of the spring. This motion
tries to lift the front of the truck up. Appling more weight on the rear tire, which
increases traction. These traction bars are adjustable, so you can set preload and or
how hard or soft you what the bars to hit. "Hit", is how much power you want to apply
to the suspension and how fast you want to apply it. This comes from the adjustment
holes in the brackets and the adjustable bar length. These traction bars are on drag
cars/trucks and street cars/trucks. These traction bars are on drag cars that are going
low 8's in the 1/4 mile. Assassin has not made traction bars for diesel trucks, so Watts
Shop Performance is helping with design and beta test of the Assassin Traction Bars
for diesel trucks. There is some design changes from the non-diesel design verse the
diesel design. These traction bars will hold 1,000 HP for your diesel truck. Right now
we only ha
ve Assassin Traction Bars for 98.5 - 02 Dodge Cummins trucks. More makes
and year models will be coming.
Suspension Parts
We now have the Assassin Traction bars for 03 - 07 Ford Super Duty at factory height
or lowered trucks. The Ford Super Duty truck require new U-bolts for the use the
Assassin Traction bars.